About Us

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Our Start

This brand was created to be a light in a complex world. We were frustrated that our culture was growing darker and moving away from biblical values. 

Too often the most negative voices were speaking the loudest and connecting with people the most. We knew there had to be a community of courageous Christians searching for an outlet to share the wisdom of Jesus. 

Our Mission

At Amid Lights Knack, we exist to create unique, high-quality Christian clothing that stands as a reminder to speak up and exhort God's will. We intentionally invest time and attention to blend aesthetics and style, with biblical wisdom, perfect for expressing your devotion in a contemporary manner.

Fashion is an incredible vehicle because it ventures everywhere we go. Without even opening our mouths we can make a bold statement in the lives around us. We can shift moods and mindsets when we inject the right message.

The Community

Changing the world can seem intimidating, but we know anything can change over time. God has given us powerful voices with influence that can last generations, especially when we unite together. 

We invite you to join this movement with us, take over this culture with love, and look good doing it.